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Best Smash Solutions Team
We believe in trying to find
love/humor in everything we do!
We created FunBizVideos in
hopes that we can help put more
smiles on more faces, as well as
helping you to put an awesome,
unique, Biz presentation into
your portfolio.

Rob and Bea from the
Beautiful Palm
Beaches of Florida

Peace, Happiness and
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Remember, once you have a Fun Biz
Video...chances are, your viewers will ask you
where they can get one just like it! We'll pay you
handsome commissions for your Referrals!
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Show Off Your
Pets & Kids...
Send a Funny
Video Greeting for
Anniversaries, or
any other Special
Occasion that
comes along :-)
Wanna be "The Star" at Home, Work, Holidays, etc?
We can Make it Happen for YOU! (You can take all the Credit ;-)

Check out this Lovely
Anniversary Video we
created for a Client...

Featured Animated Whiteboard Video
Featured Animated Whiteboard Video
Watch this "STOP SMOKING" featuring the Power of EFT using Professional Voice-Over &
"Customized Graphics" by Bea !

Watch this "Brilliant System to make Money on the Internet" Video featuring Stellar
British Accent Professional Voice-Over & "Customized Hand Drawn Graphics" by Bea !